• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Gutshot draw

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A “gutshot” is a drawing hand in poker. Typically it refers to an inside straight draw. For instance, if you have 2-3-4-6, you have a gutshot straight draw — any 5 will make your straight.
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Exampte: In Texas Hold’em poker, a player receives the hand 4-6. Then at the flop, the three cards to surface are 3-J-7. This gives the player a straight draw with a 3-4-‘x’-6-7 hand and with the turn and flop still to come. The ‘x’ card or 5 card is one of the middle cards and thus, the hand is known as a gut shot, referring to the insides of a player or person.
It is not necessary for the player to draw for the exact center or middle card of the sequence for it to be called a gutshot. A sequence like 4-x-6-7-8 or 9-T-J-x-K is also known as a gutshot where 5 and Q are the missing cards but are not the middle cards in the sequence. As long as the cards that are being drawn for, are not the ranks required at the extreme ends of the straight, it is known as a gutshot or belly buster draw.
If you are a poker player then you have probably been in the position where you have gotten a gut shot straight draw. When this happens you know that you are going to win if you catch your card, but you also know that the odds are not on your side. If you have been miss-leaded then you may even thing that you do have good odds. The fact however, is that you really don’t have a good chance to win with a gut shot straight draw.
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If you are going to play a gut shot straight draw then you should be getting at least 8:1 on your money to justify that play. That means if you are going to call a $100 bet there should be at very least $800 in the pot, and that is on the flop. On the turn, there should actually be double that. So in order to call a gut shot straight draw on the turn of $100 there should be well over $1600 to call that bet.
As you could clearly see there is really not often a time to call with a gut shot straight draw. If you do, then you are probably just throwing away your money. The reason why you would want to call with gut shot straight draw if you are getting 8:1 on your money is because if you do that every time then you will make money in the long run. This gives a good reason for you to be playing a hand like that. If you were getting anything less then you would fold without thinking twice.
If you are playing good poker then you are never going to call with a gut shot straight draw unless you are getting great pot odds
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