• August 1, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Grinder

In poker, the typical grinder is a player that wins by minimizing risk, gaining profits slowly over time. In other words, they “grind” out a living.
Simply speaking, they “grind” away until reaching their goal. Grinders tend to shy away from both making aggressive moves and combating aggressive opponents in favor of making the safe play. Unlike most players who look to make as much money from each individual hand as possible, grinders are comfortable with winning small pots and rarely, if ever, play for high stakes.
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EXAMPLE: “I was grinding at the $3-$6 tables for a while, but realized the competition wasn’t that much better at the $5-$10 tables. I moved up a little and am making a little more money now.”
“Grinder” is also used to refer to players who treat poker like a job (a “daily grind”) and not a game. This type of player plays often and consistently until they reach whatever monetary goal they’ve set for themselves, usually just enough to sustain a comfortable living.
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Although grinders are characterized for their simple tactics at the poker table, grinding is far from easy. It takes an incredible amount of patience and stamina to make a living off small-stake or mid-stake poker as it can take countless hours to turn a respectable profit. Grinders have to watch other players win as much money from one hand as they’ve made over many hands of play and resist the urge to break from their own cautious routines. A true grinder will throw away a great hand without a second though, which requires not only patience but a great deal of confidence in their ability to read opponents.
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