• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Freeroll

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Freeroll is a tournament in the one that you can win money tournament tokens into real money tournaments with no buy in. Cash or prizes are offered that has no entry fee.
Though they have no entry fee, freerolls may have special entrance restrictions, such as having earned a certain number of comp points, having signed up for a new site, or ladies only. Freerolls are full of new players, that’s why many of these so-called donkaments can be crazy.
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*Freerolls help you lay the foundation for your bankroll. Many players have already illustrated that it is possible to move up in the game without having to spend a single penny.
*Freerolls are a free opportunity to gain experience. It is very hard to gain the necessary experience of playing at the final table, simply because you very rarely get to see it. How often do you enter a tournament and how often do you see the final table in the end? Freerolls give you a cost free chance to train playing a final table.
*Freerolls are fun. You’re not risking a loss and a large variety of people enter these tournaments, some of whom are worth getting to know.
There is also, however, a different definition. In poker, freerolling can describe a situation that doesn’t happen very often, when an opponent has the same hand as you, but you have a chance to improve to the winning hand on the next card while your opponent does not. In these situations, for example when you both have the nut straight flush and flush draw to go with it, you cannot lose and have a free chance of scooping the entire pot, hence the term “free rolling”.
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Why do Poker Rooms Offer Freeroll Tournaments?
Not all poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments but those who do offer them, do so for specific reasons. Some casinos and poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to players in order to attract them to sample out some new software with the intention of grabbing their attention and in the hope that they will sign up for real money accounts. Some poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments to encourage new visitors to their sites to try out new games. Some freeroll tournaments however, are not open to the general gambling public, but only to regular members of a specific poker room to reward them for their loyalty.
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