• August 3, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Four-Bet

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A 4Bet occurs when a player raises a 3Bet. For example:
Small & Big Blind Post
1. “Player A” in mid position makes a raise.
2. “Player B” raises the bet (this is a 3Bet).
3. The Action returns to “Player A” who makes a re-raise (this is a 4Bet).
The cold four-bet, one of the strongest preflop lines you can take in Texas Hold’em.
Used either as a bluff or for value, cold four-betting will make your opponents sit up and take notice, and then usually fold.
But since it’s a four-bet it’s not going to be cheap so we’re here to show you the ins and outs of cold four-betting profitably.
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The What: Cold four-betting refers to four-betting without having already put money into the pot. For example: The player under-the-gun raises, the cut-off three-bets and you cold four-bet from the button.
The Why: Because you’re coming into the pot cold, with no money invested, a cold four-bet indicates very strong cards and will usually fold out anything but the most premium starting hands.
The Where: Cold four-betting is only done before the flop and just like the vast majority of poker moves it works best when you’re in position. And since you need a raise and a re-raise in front of you, you’ll find yourself cold four-betting from late position and the blinds most often.
The When: Cold four-betting works in cash games and tournaments but since you’re putting in a fourth bet it doesn’t work when you’re shortstacked.
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Cold Four-Betting the Right Way
If you’re playing low-stakes cash games and tournaments chances are you’re not seeing a lot of three-bets, let alone four bets.
And when you do see someone putting in a re-re-raise before the flop it’s with pocket aces or kings. That means when you cold four-bet it’s going to get the table’s attention.
Cold four-betting is such a strong line preflop it makes for a very effective bluffing tool. But on the flip side, when you cold four-bet with pocket aces you’re only going to get action from the very best hands.
And since you’ll have to commit 20 big blinds or more to the raise, cold four-betting willy-nilly can be a huge leak.
In this article we’re going to break down the mechanics of the cold four-bet, show you how to use it as a bluff and for value, and then give you a quick lesson on balancing your cold four-bet range.
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