• July 30, 2021

Online Poker Dictionary: Bad Beat Jackpot

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Bad Beat Jackpot is a protection that some cardrooms provide against bad beats, in which the player defeated by a bad beat will receive some award if certain qualifications are met.
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Qualifications for a bad beat jackpot vary from cardroom to cardroom, and can include the minimum hand rank required in order to be considered a bad beat, the stakes level of the table, or other criteria. In some cases, the jackpot prize is divided amoung multiple players, such as all people involved in the showdown or all people at the table. Looking for best online poker room website? Follow us and check out our promotions we offer you the best online poker bonus.
For example:
Player 1 holds AA
Player 2 holds KK
The community cards are: AAKKQ
Player 2 would have four of a kind, Kings but still lose to Player 1 who holds four of a kind, Aces. (see more  at pokernews.com)
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