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  • August 15, 2020

Omaha – All-Ins

All-Ins in Omaha

Online poker games are played at “Table Stakes”. This means that only the chip value you have in front of you at the start of a given hand can be used in that hand. You can increase your “table stake” at any time in between hands; NEVER DURING A HAND.

Sometimes during the course of a hand the betting will exceed a players “stake” and the player may not have enough to call a particular bet. The player does not have to forfeit their hand at this point. Should the player wish to continue, they can call the amount that they have in front of them and they will be declared “ALL IN”. Any further action will create a side pot of which the “All In” player will have no claim to. The limit of the number of side pots is only limited to the number of participants in a particular hand. The player will have claim to the portion of the pot that they have contributed to. This rule is exactly how it’s handled in Brick and Mortar card rooms.

Different from a B & M card room is the “ALL In” rule that occurs during Internet disconnects.

Our software can determine whether you are disconnected from the Internet during a hand. Should this occur your hand would play and lay claim to the portion of the pot that you have contributed to, up to and until the disconnection occurred.

You will notice in the game that you have a preset “all in” account. This account has in it TWO (2) all ins allowed in a 24 hour period. Should this happen more than twice in a 24 hour period, you can ask to have this account reset by e-mailing support and requesting an all in re-set. Should this become a regular occurrence, please e-mail support to find out what suggestions we might have to help you increase the reliability of your connection.

If we determine that you are connected to the game your hand will be folded. This is done to protect the integrity of the game. Further if we feel that the “All In” policy is being abused, the abusing will be addressed and “All In” privileges may be revoked.

Players should exercise caution when both “All Ins” have been used. Until your account of “all ins” has been reset, your hand may be folded during a disconnection and you can lay no claim to the hand or the pot you were involved with immediately prior to the disconnection.

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