• July 24, 2021

Music and Poker

Playing poker is exciting and energetic, there are ups and downs creating a dynamic playing environment. As you become a more seasoned player and actively participate in the game more often, what was once exciting becomes routine. Music is a great way to keep the game fun while added a soundtrack to your playing style. At the casino ear phone are allowed and don’t distract other players. Playing at home, a stereo can blast as loud as your neighbors allow it.
Today digital mp3 players are perfect for holding a ton of music and give you so many options for creating playlists. Playlists re predetermined mixes of music that you love. In addition, there are several online music resources you can enjoy at the table or online.
Heres a recap of the different ways to access music for poker:
1. Pandora – This online music radio is a great way to experience new music based upon a specific style. for example, if you like Neil Young the system will play his tunes as well as other artist with a similar sound. This system also tracks what other people liked in that station. Many poker players like this because they don’t know what they’ll hear next. It keeps it fresh and exciting,mat the same time it helps their mind stay active and focused.
2. Spotify – This is a paid service that allows users to access streams of music by almost any artist. This is perfect for someone that doesn’t own a lot of music to upload to an mp3 player, he can demand almost any song by typing in the albums or artist. Selecting this digital music resources while playing poker is great to integrate into your talking game. Many players find it awkward to spark conversations with other players, this is perfect both online and offline. You can engage with other players about the music they like or selections they recommend, Spotify gives you access to just about anything.
These resources, in addition to traditional playlists, are a great way to begin incorporating music into your poker style. Many players begin to notice how different types of music effect their playing tempo. Music access various parts of the brain and activating those senses connects to how we perceive the game, other players, and even make decisions.
The sooner you discover your preferred music consumption, the quicker you’ll discover the type of music to take your pooled game to the next level.

Steve Carr

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