• July 30, 2021

Is Poker entertainment or Business?

Poker is a game like any other- tennis, chess, and soccer. As kids we are taught that a game is supposed to be fun and for our entertainment. Since this type of entertainment is not cheap, poker can cross the line between a fun game and business. The key is to be very clear with yourself as to which category you abid by at the table.
Most young players start out playing poker for the love of the game, challenge of strategy and time with friends. For most, poker is just a game played with friends and any form of wagering money is just part of the enjoyment of the game. This type of play sometimes can unintentionally evolve into a problem when the love of the excitement is craved by a player.
In a situation in which a poker player is not focused on the business aspect and is consumed by the play, it’s likely either to creat a financial problem or even a relationship issue. This is sometimes referred to as an poker addict. The key is, if you are entertained by the game and love it, keep it that way and play once in awhile with friends or online.
If you are a talented player – you have a firm grasp on strategy and betting – chances are you have considered taking the game more seriously. This business approach happens when a player thinks about making a living playing poker online and in card rooms. As in any business, the funds are tracked, planning should occur at each stage, and time training is a must. Often professional players have mentors and spend time studying the game. Of course players love the game and can be all consumed by it, but this is different than chasing a craving without care. Players that approach the game as a profession learn to control and use their cravings or other emotions to their benifit. A common thread between those playing for fun and pros is still remains luck.
When considering the question is poker entertaining or business, the answer is it depends on the player. The professional player will insist that the game is a business with endorsements, contracts, and legal battles. On the other hand those just playing cards with friends take part in the game during after work hours for pure relaxation.
The perfect way to balance the two directions is to checkout online Poker and explore the possibities of play.

Steve Carr

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