• July 30, 2021

Intermediate Poker Mistakes

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You might have past the beginner level but don’t make this mistakes as an intermediate:
Not considering opponents’ hands: it matters how strong your hand is relation to other people’s holdings
Playing too many multi-table tournaments: While tournaments are certainly enjoyable, it is difficult to consistently win money. It is also harder to learn the skills necessary to succeed at poker. Since people who play in tournaments play very few hands postflop, it takes them longer to learn a lot of the finer aspects of the game.
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Not tracking statistics: it is very important for analyzing your game. Keeping track of statistics can help you focus on games that have a higher expected value for you.
Playing too predictably: Mix up your style a bit at times to throw people off. If you play online poker and often play too predictably, switch tables often so you are frequently up against fresh opponents.
Playing too many different types of games: Intermediate players should begin to focus on excelling at one game before they start frequently playing many different types of games.
Moving up limits to escape bad beats: people get fed up with the bad beats entailed with playing lower limits, so they play higher limits, thinking it will somehow help them win.
Lower-stakes poker involves a lot of variance because people will play just about everything.
Making bad folds postflop in limit hold’em: A lot of intermediate players play well preflop. However, their postflop play is horrid, especially in low-limit hold’em games.
Source: pokertips.org
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