• June 18, 2021

iGaming: The Evolution and Future of Mobile Gaming

Online poker is making a comeback thanks to new regulations that legalize Internet gambling in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. This small step is a big win for poker and online casinos. As technology rapidly evolves, so do the lives of every person who embraces electronic devices for survival.
Internet access on cell phones and tablets has grown significantly since 2007 when the world was introduced to the iPhone. Enormous advancements in the cell phone have revolutionized more than just how people make a phone call.

What does this mean for online poker?

It means mobile gaming is changing, and adapting to the growing trends of people. As it stands now, casino guests can enter the majority of Internet gambling platforms through mobile sites, using a web browser to play casino games like slot machines, blackjack, and roulette.
Mobile casinos continue to grow in features, graphics, animations, and a variety of games. Developers are aware of the increase in popularity and recognize the thousands of online gambling profiles that already exist. Interest in casino games, keno, bingo, and sports betting is rising as the ability to place a bet so quickly.

Where is Mobile Poker?

Poker has been more difficult to transition from desktop to mobile device. Online poker is an interactive game that requires multiple players. The uncertainty of the online poker industry is one reason poker action on hand-held devices has been slow-coming.
Poker in general is a game of patience and a game of duration. The idea that people would respond to poker on a cell phone seemed unlikely years ago.

From Browsers to Apps

Today, online casinos on hand-held devices are primarily supported using mobile browsing software that’s optimized for different phones. Mobile phone users prefer apps to web browsers for accessing the Internet and playing games, which means there needs to be an overhaul in how games are presented.
For poker, the platform needs to emulate the look, feel, and performance of the desktop site or players won’t respond. Developers are busy planning new software and are projecting an even larger shift in mobile users within the next few years.

Overcoming Limitations

  • Adapting to all operating systems uniformly
  • Building software that can manage the heavy traffic
  • Bigger, better, and louder graphics
  • More animated slot machines like land casinos
  • More options for games

Support and Relevancy

For an online casino to be a success in the iGaming market, it must be relevant, properly supported, current in style, and comfortable to use. It’s also important to maintain customer loyalty and entice new customers to the game. We hope to see you at Regal Poker soon.

Steve Carr

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