• July 24, 2021

I Raise

The game of poker surrounds specific rules on which hand beats what and the timing when a player has the option to bet. It’s no secret that poker players understand that success can hinge on how much a player bets and not just if he bets. The reason for this fact is that the size of the bet has the power to move the minds of the other players. In this instance, you can say that size does matter.
Poker success is as much about the actual cards as it is about what others think the player is holding. An amateur mistake is to bet too high in the wrong position. This means that the player is effectively showing their cards – they are screaming Aces. Basically, the other players don’t feel it’s worth the risk to match the bet or raise. In most of scenarios like that a high bet out of the gate becomes a wasted hand, because the other players don’t play too. The goal is to keep the perception strong and carefully judge when to act.
This is why the perfect balance is needed to control the betting and make the most of those winning hands. So in the case of holding Aces, a bet should be enough to reel in a few players but not too low that everyone follows or too high that nobody plays. Once a few players have called the bet and it looks like you are a sure winner, keep the betting controlled as not to scare them out. However, a large bet might be necessary in the event you’re not a 100% locking down the hand. Why, because you rather have others fold and at least you’ve won the initial betting cycle. Being a great poker player is not just winning huge pots, but to capture the small ones too – sometimes you get home runs, but singles and doubles win games.
Depending on the poker game you are playing, each betting cycle reveals another card and the amount raised builds upon a pattern from the previous cycle. At the different levels in the hand is when experience, temperament, and complex betting strategies become crucial. Upon playing a lot, the various types of scenarios repeat themselves so decisions become quicker and easier to make at the table.
The next time it’s your turn to raise, keep these tips in mind and make your move. We hope this explanation gives you a deeper appreciation of the game, Good luck and Happy Betting.

Steve Carr

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