• August 1, 2021

How You Can Improve Your Game

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Math and Psychology
Probability plays a big role in each hand you play and the most each poker player can do is make estimates.
You can only estimate using probability what’s going to happen next. It sounds like a guessing game, but probability helps a lot if you know how to use it and you have a pretty clear idea what you’re going up against.
Simple game structure, but it’s complex right down to the core
In game theory, poker is classified as “fixed game” with strict rules and an expected payout.
The player who has the best hand wins and gets paid while the rest ends up with nothing. In other words, poker is a zero-sum game. There’s only one winner.
It looks so simple in fact, as poker greats used to say, “it takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.”
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What’s so hard about poker?
You have several players taking turns clock-wise and they’re given choices whether to call or fold, raise or re-raise.
The crux of poker being a complex game lies on vast probability and psychology the game is known for.
True, there are a finite number of cards in a deck, but the probability of landing a monster hand and getting the nuts is infinite.
You need funds ($$$)
If you’re after the recreational side of poker and hope to win a little bit of cash, you need money.
You need funds for your buy-ins. You can’t enjoy your dinner if you only have a fork and a knife. You need a steak.
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