• July 24, 2021

How to Win aPoker Freeroll

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Following our online poker dictionary, we are going to talk about freeroll strategy! If you are not know what is freeroll check ou this link!
freeroll sometimes comes across as a kind of private poker event. Someone always blows a fuse somewhere along the line and throws all their chips into the pot without being able to say why.
How to Win
*Play very tight in the early stages: First hand comes out. A-8 offsuit. Look like a good hand? Nope. Not this early in the freeroll. Because players have paid a grand total of zero dollars to take part in the tournament they are much more willing to gamble in the early stages and secure a monster stack. For this reason the main principle you need to bear in mind when you’re assessing hands to play in the early stages of a freeroll is: tight is right.
* Avoid early all-ins without very strong hands: The constant barrage of all-ins during the early stages of a freeroll can often be enough to make go on tilt and do something costly. While ignoring this kind of thing can be difficult it’s important to remain patient and only call all-ins when you have the nuts or a very strong hand.
* Don’t try bluffs against unknown freeroll players: Because people don’t have to invest any money to play in a freeroll it means they are much more willing to call bets. Indeed, in the early stages especially it makes little sense to bet 100 chips as a bluff in order to try and win 30 chips simply because the players around you are more likely to call.
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* Become more aggressive, yet still tight, during the middle stages: So, you’ve made it through the beginning. During this stage of the tournament you’ll see a huge amount of players make an exit. Indeed, because the money is almost in sight it often causes people to lose their cool; however, and you need to keep your mind on a few things as you make it through this stage of the freeroll. While most of the information we’ve dispensed about the early stages of a freeroll can be carried over, you’ll find that you need to become a little more aggressive and make more moves than before. First and foremost there is one key thing that you need keep in mind and that’s that you should not worry about your position or the average stack size. Your goal throughout this stage of the freeroll, as well as the first, is to try to get as many chips as you can while conserving what you’ve already made. Worrying about how many chips you have compared to the average can only stress you out and cause you to make rash decisions. Remember: Your goal throughout this part of a freeroll, is to try to get as many chips as you can while conserving what you’ve already made.
* Put pressure on other players near the bubble: Without doubt the most effective time to bluff players is on the bubble. Because the money is close and players don’t want to throw away all their hours of hard work for no return, it’s possible to push someone off the pot with enough pressure. While you shouldn’t be throwing chips around without a care, you should be willing to pressure the players you know are looking to squeeze into the money. These players are easy to spot because they will have short stacks and won’t play a hand. These opponents will give up their blinds easily, but it’s important remember that if they do get aggressive then they will almost certainly have a strong hand. Thus, will you should be willing to bluff these guys at every opportunity, but you should also be willing to back off if they decide to put up some resistance.
Freerolls, in fact any poker tournament you play, are a matter of timing, observation and dynamics. From the moment you assess the structure, through the early stages to the bubble and beyond, it’s important to know what to do and when to do it. Hopefully this strategy guide has given you some insight into making money from poker freerolls, but if you’re still somewhat lost in the mire we’ll leave you with a succinct summary of what you should do:
The early stages of a freeroll are more about preservation than accumulation and you should always rank value betting with strong hands over bluffing with nothing at this point in the tournament.
If you’ve made it to the middle stages of a poker freeroll then you’re likely away from the hundreds of donks and down to a few players who are keen to make the money. At this point (especially as the bubble draws closer) you need to increase your aggression and focus on bluffing the short stacks.
The final stages of a freeroll are simply a matter of timing. By now the short stacks will be gambling and the chip leaders will be praying for the final table so it pays to switch the focus you had on the bubble so that you now attack those with chips and avoid those who are looking to gamble.
If you’re able to put all this information together into an overall strategy then you’ll find that you make life extremely difficult for your opponents, something which will earn you a lot more money in the long run.
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