• April 19, 2021

How To Play Poker – Double Flop Texas Hold’em

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What is Double Flop Hold’em?

As the name implies, double flop hold’em is just like regular hold’em, but with twice the action. Each player is dealt two hole cards and blinds are posted just as in ordinary hold’em. However, after the pre-flop action, players see not one, but two flops. After the flop betting, there are two turns, followed by two rivers.
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You can’t mix and match the rows, but you will make your best hand for each row using your two hole cards plus the five on the board. If your two hole cards make the best hand on both rows (for example, you hold Ah Kh: the top row is Ad Ks Kc 4c 3h and the bottom row is 8h 9h 4d 2h 3s.) you scoop the entire pot, otherwise, the pot is split between the best hand on top and the best hand on the bottom.

What are the Strategies for Double Flop Hold’em?

As in any spilt game, you should be looking for hands that will allow you to scoop the pot. This means high-suited cards are great, but lower suited connectors and medium to small pairs decline considerably in value. Keep in mind that since you are working with one deck, cards that appear on one row will not be appearing on the other, or in the hands of your opponents. Use this information to your advantage.
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