• July 31, 2021

How to Play Online Slots | Part 1

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Slot machines are the most popular games in both online and bricks and mortar casinos for two simple reasons; they are easy to play and equally easy to win on. Essentially, to play an online slot game all you have to do is click ‘spin’ and hope you hit the right symbols on the right pay line to win.
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However, online slots do feature a lot of confusing jargon, and it can be difficult to know your bonus rounds from your free spins. While slots games are primarily a game of luck, knowing how the paytable works, what exactly paylines are and the difference between the scatter and wild symbols can really help your gameplay.
Below you’ll find a complete glossary of all the terms used in slots games, including wilds, scatters and paylines.
Bonus round
This, as it sounds is when you reach a bonus round of feature on a slot. These are always in video slots and very rarely in traditional ones and basically involve playing a fun game that helps you win coins. Really, that is all there is too it.
Basically, coins means cash. Often, slots machines will allow you to place a certain amount of coins on each line, usually starting at a low amount, then ending up in the high-roller region. We won’t insult your intelligence by explaining what currency is, but the more you bet, the more you can win.
Free Spins
Hitting certain symbols in the correct order across the reels can trigger free spins. Free spins are when you don’t have to bet any money, as the machine is spinning and winning for you. The slot will often take the maximum bet amount from your previous spin, as well as how many lines you have activated and use these details in your free spins feature. So, if you placed 45 coins in total across 9 lines on the last spin, the slot will place the same bet for you on the free spins.
This is how many lines feature on a slot, for example, if it’s a 9 line slot, it has, well, 9 lines. You can choose to bet on all lines, or just on one. We recommend you bet most of them, as if you spin a few winning symbols on a line and haven’t bet on it, you can easily become irritable. However, if you can’t afford it, either reduce your bet or place as many coins on each line as you can afford…Never go over your limit.
Line Bet
This is the amount of money you place on each line of an online slot.
This informs you of how much certain symbols are worth, which ones are wilds, scatters or which ones trigger the bonus round.
Slots Payout
The amount of money or winnings a slots machine pays out to you.
Progressive Jackpot
A progressive jackpot is an ever increasing prize which is pooled from a group of players losses, in order to form one huge jackpot for a certain lucky player. Slots such as the Marvel Hero games at Intercasino feature massive progressive jackpots, that are randomly dropped at any time.
Random Number Generator
A “random number generator” (or an ‘RNG’) is software placed within the machine that selects hundreds of random symbols per second. All good online slots come fitted with a verified RNG.
The reels are where the symbols on a slots machine are revealed. The reels are what move when you press ‘spin’ and thanks to the RNG, reveal a variety of symbols. All slots have at least 3 reels.
Scatter symbols are a common feature of video slots and usually, spinning 2 or more of them will earn you a multiplying award of your total bet. Often, scatters can appear anywhere on the reels and still earn you a prize.
Symbols are what earn you your money. They are often themed around the game and aside from the scatter, will multiply your line bet by a certain amount if you get enough of them on a selected pay line.
Total bet
This is how much money you have placed overall on the slots machine. So, if you had a 9 line video slot, you selected all the lines and put 5 coins per line, your total bet would be 45 coins.
Traditional Slot
Traditional slots are similar to the fruit machines you’d find in your local pub. Traditional online slots usually have 3 reels, “BAR” symbols and prizes vary depending on your total amount bet.
Video Slot
Video slots came hand in hand with the recent internet explosions of online casinos and the slots world is certainly a better place because of them. Video slots offer a new approach to slots; they have multiple pay lines, they feature expansive bonus rounds, the graphics are a step up from the traditional slots and the soundtracks offer more than just the sound of coins dropping through a machine. Video slots are highly recommended to anyone who wants to get to grips with online casinos and slots.
Wild symbols are able to substitute themselves for any other symbol aside from the scatter. Basically, if you had 2 other symbols, then a wild next to them on the correct pay line, the wild would ‘substitute’ (or become) a replica of the other 2 symbols, so you can earn more cash.
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