• July 30, 2021

How to play Limit Poker

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A limit is set for each bet and it can not be exceeded. Because the game of poker requires some type of betting system to coincide with each round of play it is imperative that the limit of the bets be agreed to before play starts.
Poker can be played for chips, match sticks, cash, coins, toothpicks, or just about anything that allows some type of system to be setup for betting. The most important thing is to decide if there is actual value to what is used to keep score. Once you decide what value your match sticks have (only “fun” value or perhaps a penny each), you can go on with your poker game. And once you go on with your game, you need to set the betting limits.
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Limit Poker Examples
Straight Limit: In a $5 straight limit game each bet is always $5. This game is often played with two limits and listed, for example, as $5 and $10. For Texas Hold’em, the betting is limited to $5 pre-flop and on the flop, and then all bets on the turn and river are $10. On occasion the game is played as $5/$10 and $20 on the end (on the river), which reduces the number of callers.
Mixed or Split Limit: In a $2/$6 split limit game each bet must be at least $2, but can be any amount from $2 to $6. For Texas Hold’em, the betting can be any amount from $2 to $6, even after the turn and the river, which increases the number of callers.
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