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How to Play Blackjack Switch

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In Blackjack Switch, players are dealt two hands, and are allowed to switch their top two cards, which are the second cards that have been dealt to each hand. The switch is used to create better blackjack hands, which have a greater chance of winning.
It is important to remember that you do not have to switch your top two cards, but that you may do so if you feel it will make your hand better. There is no obligation to switch cards in every round.
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Basic Rules
Unless otherwise noted, all rules of switch are based on the classic blackjack rules. In most casinos, either 6 or 8 decks are used. Switching from six to eight decks increases the house edge by 0.02%. In most land-based gaming venues, the dealer hits on a soft 17, but you will occasionally hear of the dealer standing on a soft 17. Players’ cards are dealt face up, while the dealer peaks for a blackjack if a ten or ace is showing. When the dealer holds a natural blackjack, all player hands lose automatically. If a player has a natural blackjack, then that hand is a push.
The player can double on any two cards. The player also may double after a split. Resplits can be performed up to four hands.
Dealer 22
To offset the advantageous rules of the game, any time a dealer holds a 22, this is a push if the player holds a 21 or less. If the player holds a natural twenty-one, then a dealer twenty-two still loses
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1:1 Payouts on Natural 21
Another rule in the favor of the house is the 1 to 1 payout on a natural twenty-one. In the classic version of the game, this is seen as the worst rule you could play under. In this variant, the rule only offsets advantages, so it’s acceptable. Still, when considering strategy, understand that blackjacks pay much less.
Switching Rules
When the player switches cards to a combined twenty-one, this is considered a “21”, but not a natural. In this scenario, a dealer 21 would beat this hand.
Switch Tip
One other deviation from the classic game rules is that players make two equal wagers in blackjack switch. This brings me to an important suggestion. Players must remember they must bet equally on both hands. If they neglect one hand to make the other unbeatable, they are still only breaking even. When switching cards, the player must try to build two strong hands.
Strategy Tips
Because of the dealer-22 rule, some hands you would stand on in convention twenty-one require you to hit. In other words, you have to be more aggressive, because the dealer isn’t going to bust as often. Anytime the dealer is showing a 7 or higher, that’s considered a strong hand and you’ll need to play accordingly. If a 3 through 6 is showing, the dealer’s hand looks weak. If the dealer is showing a 2, this isn’t as weak as you’d expect, because 22 isn’t a bust.
When you hold an 18 through 20 and your total beats the dealer’s upcard total (assuming the other card is a 10), then you should place strong bets. For instance, if you hold a 19 and the dealer is showing 8, this is considered advantageous for you.
When to Stand
Stand anytime you have a hard 17 or higher. When you have a hard 12 through 16, hit when the dealer has a 7 through ace. Hit a hard 13 or 14 versus a 2. Hit a hard 12 versus a two, three, or four. Stand any other time you have a hard hand against a 2 through 5.
Stand on a soft 19 or 20. Always stand on a soft 18 when against a 2 through 8, but hit on a soft 18 versus a nine through ace. When you have a soft 17 or below, always hit before doubling. Double down when you have a 10 or an 11 against a 2 through 6. Double down on a 9 when against a dealer-6. If you have an ace-6 or ace-7, double down against a 5 or a 6. When you hold an ace-5, double against a dealer-6 only.
mmediate Payment for Blackjack
Although a blackjack in Blackjack Switch only pays 1 to 1, it is usually advisable to switch a hand in order to have one blackjack, and one hand that is not so good. Even though the other option might well be to have two hands that are strong, rather than one strong, and one weak hand, most advise the switch to a blackjack hand.
The reason for this is that no matter what the dealer has, a player with blackjack gets paid out immediately. Another reason is that since it is easier for players to make a blackjack because of being able to switch their top cards, the odds are greater that a player can obtain a blackjack, and because of this, there is a special dealer rule that the dealer does not go bust on reaching 22. If the dealer gets a 22, it is considered a draw, or a push with all players, except those that hold blackjack hands.
No Hard and Fast Switching Rules
There are no set rules as to when a player should switch cards, and when they should not. The important point to remember is that you want to make the best blackjack hand that you can, preferably for both hands, however, making an excellent blackjack hand with one hand dealt, and sacrificing the other, means that the player should at least come out even.
Do not stress about the switch because even if a mathematical mistake is made when switching the cards, the house edge is only slightly affected, which means that it will simply not affect your game enough to worry about it.
Manage Your Bankroll Because Betting is Doubled
In all online casino games, players should manage their bankrolls well. However, it is important to remember that when playing Blackjack Switch, not only is the player betting on one hand, but on two, so it is important to remain aware of what your win and loss limits are, because they can be reached twice as fast at times.
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