• July 31, 2021

How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack

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One unusual and outstanding feature of Atlantic City Blackjack is that you have the freedom to double down on any two cards, while many other blackjack variations limit the double down option to specific combinations.
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Rules of Atlantic City Blackjack
The Atlantic City Blackjack game starts with the players placing their wagers. If they are playing in an online casino, they do this by clicking their mouse pointer in the betting circle on the virtual blackjack table. The players receive two cards, both face up. The dealer receives one card face up and one face down.
If your two cards are an Ace and any card with a value of ten — 10, Jack, Queen, or King — that’s a blackjack and you automatically win a bonus payout of 3-to-2. Otherwise, you go ahead and play your hand by standing, hitting, doubling down, splitting, or surrendering. If you go over 21, you “bust” and lose. If not, you await the dealer who then turns up the card that has been faced down.
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There are different options you can take in playing your Atlantic City Blackjack Hand. Once you have seen your initial hand, you may be able to “double down.” “Doubling down” means the player can double their original bet. In this online blackjack game, you may double down whenever you feel that your first two cards give you a good chance of winning with just one more card. Once the player has decided to double down, the dealer will give him only one more card. The dealer will then take enough cards to complete his own hand.
“Splitting pairs.” is another option in this online casino game. In this situation, the first two cards the player gets dealt have the same value (for example, a pair of sevens). Because of this, the player decides to “split.” This means in effect, that he will be playing two hands. At this point the player then places another wager, equal to the original one. Then the player is henceforth playing two completely different hands, which act independently from each other. Some games enable players to “re-split,” should the same situation arise again in the additional new hand. It should be noted that there are different rules in Atlantic City blackjack (and all other forms of blackjack) when players decide to split Aces. In such a case, players only get one more card, and if the player then reaches 21, it is not considered a “blackjack.”
There is another option players can take when playing Atlantic City blackjack online. One can take out “insurance.” What this means is that once the players have had access to the dealer’s cards, if they see that one card is an Ace, they can take out insurance, which is priced at half of their original wager. By doing this, if the dealer then gets a “blackjack”, the insurance bet will pay 2 to 1. So if your initial bet was $100, and you then see that the dealer has an Ace, you can take out insurance on a bet for $50 so that if the dealer does get the “blackjack” you will lose your original $100 but break even as you will get the $100 back on insurance. Even better, if the dealer doesn’t end up getting a “blackjack,” you lose the $50 insurance wager and then continue playing a normal game of blackjack.
The Dealer Plays His Blackjack Hand
After you have finished, it is the dealer’s turn to play his hand. The rule is that if the dealer’s cards total 17 or more, he has to stand; 16 or lower he has to hit. Just like you, if the dealer goes over 21, he busts and loses. If he doesn’t busts, then the cards are compared to determine a winner.
How to Win at Atlantic City Blackjack
One way of winning Atlantic City blackjack is hoping that the dealer goes bust! If the dealer’s hand exceeds 21 (i.e. he goes bust), then you, the player, have automatically won. Otherwise, there are two other ways of winning. The first is often termed a “natural.” This means that the first two cards that have been dealt make up a blackjack, which is a ten (ten, jack, king or queen) and an Ace (using it as 11). This is called a “blackjack” and that hand automatically “stands.” Standing means that you cannot be beaten (but you can be matched, i.e. a tie). But if however, you do beat the dealer’s hand by getting a “blackjack” then you get paid 3:2 which means forever 2 dollars you wager, you get 3 in return. Another way to win blackjack is the same principle of your cards making up 21, but it has not happened after the first round of cards have been dealt. So you might have a 5 and a 6, for example and then you keep taking cards until you get to 21, without going over. You still get money for this, but you do not get as much as you would, had you have gotten the first 2 cards, making up 21. You still win just not as much money.
If you tie with the dealer, then this is a “push.” In this case, the money you placed on your wager is returned to you. This is the case for a “blackjack” or any other combination of cards.
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