• July 24, 2021

How Pot Odds Work

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Pot odds are the first strategies a player should learn, pot odds will be one of the most important tools a player will learn how to use.
What are they? pot odds is the amount of money that is currently in the pot in comparison to how much a player will have to pay to potentially win that pot.
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Here some key points to keep in mind about pot odds.

  • Pot odds are everywhere. If there is money in the pot and a player needs to call a bet to see the next card, be it pre-flop, flop, turn, or on the river, there are pot odds to calculate.
  • Understand how odds work. It is important to realize that 2 to 1 pot odds are good, but 7 to 1 pot odds are way better.
  • Pot odds and Betting are related
  • Learn about expected value. Do not stop at pot odds.

Sources: onlinepoker.net
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