• July 24, 2021

Harut Arutyunyan Wins Legends of Poker

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Harut “Harry” Arutyunyan has has won the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event, after topping a 566 player field over six days to capture the title, and walk away with the huge $576,369 first place prize. Harut Arutyunyan entered the final table of the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event second in chips and navigated a final table that lasted nearly 200 hands to win the first event of Season XIII.
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By the time the final table was reached, the remaining six players lined up as follows: Massoud Eskandari (5.9m), Arutyunyan (3.6m), Tyler Kenney (2.5m), Tyler Cornell (2.5m), Taylor McFarland (2.2m), and Jeremy Kottler (1.9m).
Two hours later, Mike Eskandari (A-6) dispatched Jeremy Kottler (K-K) to the rail in 6th for $83,075, and it would take a further hour before the next eliminations would take place with Arutyunyan (A-10), Tyler Cornell (K-J), and Taylor McFarland (Q-Q) all-in preflop. The board subsequently rolled out A-9-3-2-2 to eliminate Cornell in 5th for $103,560, and McFarland in 4th for $145,640.
Three-handed play then continued for another two hours until Tyler Kenney four-bet shoved all-in holding A-2 only to be called by Mike Eskandari with pocket sevens. The J-9-5-9-3 board sealed Kenney’ fate, who picked up $213,600 for his deep run while his exit ushered in the heads-up phase of the tournament.
As the final battle commenced, Eskandari held a commanding 15.2 million to 3.7 million chip lead over Arutyunyan, but Arutyunyan was eventually able to move ahead before the defining hand was played with Eskandari moving all-in preflop with A-7, but up against the A-8 of his opponent. The J-3-2-10-6 board brought Eskandari’s WPT hopes to an end, who had to then be satisfied with a runner-up finish worth $330,110, while Harut Arutyunyan was crowned the champion.
Legends of Poker Final Table Payouts
Harut Arutyunyan – $576,369
Massoud Eskandari – $330,110
Tyler Kenney – $213,600
Taylor McFarland – $145,640
Tyler Cornell – $103,560
Jeremy Kottler – $83,075
The $3,500 Main Event was held at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, and attracted enough players to create a prize pool worth $2,157,594. Amongst the notable pros then cashing in at one of the 54 paid spots was David William in 52nd ($8,630), Allyn Jaffrey Shulman in 47th ($8,630), Ryan Riess in 35th ($11,865), Matt Salsberg in 27th ($14,025), David Chiu in 20th ($14,025), and 2010 WPT winner Andy Frankenberger in 10th ($24,815).
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