• April 18, 2021

Global Poker League: Boeree, Gruissem, and Kenney Among 12 Team Managers

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(pokernews.com)- In a note sent to the media on Wednesday, January 13, the CEO of Mediarex Sports and Entertainment (MSE), Alex Dreyfus announced the full list of the managers that will run the twelve teams part to the first-ever Global Poker League (GPL), the international event that aims to change the poker industry this year.
Appointed by the GPL to be the face of their teams, the twelve managers have all signed a two-year contract that makes them responsible for crucial elements in the development of the League. Their first assignment will take place on February 25, when they will gather at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hillsto select the players of their teams in a draft that will be live streamed on Twitch.tv.
The first player’s draft of the GPL will be co-hosted by ESPN’s World Series of Poker presenter Kara Scott and will feature a panel of analysts that includes no less than Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu.
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“Today is an exciting day in the Global Poker League history, the confirmation of our team managers is a crucial step towards our goal,” Dreyfus told PokerNews on Wednesday. “We’ve secured an incredible amount of talented leaders to represent our 12 franchise teams as well as strong intent from some of the world’s best poker players to make themselves draftable on February 25. We’re looking forward to what the next few months and the inaugural season of the GPL will bring for fans across the globe.”
“The GPL is a single-league entity which gives the company a lot of flexibility for marketing and business development, we therefore appointed 12 managers that we believe are the soul, the spirit, the color of each team,” Dreyfus commented. “These managers, are all players who are not only legit but most important who want to support initiatives outside the poker table. They believe in the future of poker and understand our vision.”
“I spoke to some of them during the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) and it is exciting to see how they already think about the draft and how they are already working on a strategy for getting the players they want in their teams. One thing I can tell you from what I heard is that you should expect the GPL teams to be very cosmopolitan and diverse,” Dreyfus continued.
The decision to ask each manager to commit at least for two years, as the French businessman explained, came to secure a certain degree of continuity between the different editions of the GPL and – one may add – also to show the industry that the League is not just a one-off.
“We decided to offer contracts of at least two years to managers and players because we want to avoid volatility,” Dreyfus shared. “We want teams to be solid and fan engagement to be based on a core in each team. This is the reason why each manager, in 2017, will not be able to draft or change more than two players in his roster,” Dreyfus continued.
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