• May 5, 2021

Former EPT Grand Final Champ Nicolas Chouity Wins Sunday Supersonic

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(pokernews.com) – Former European Poker Tour Grand Final champion Nicolas “niccc” Chouity was one of the big winners online on Sunday thanks to walking away with a victory in the $215 Sunday Supersonic on PokerStars.
The Sunday Supersonic is a hyper-turbo structured, six-max tournament that typically takes less than two hours to complete despite attracting almost 1,500 entrants. This week’s Supersonic saw 1,401 players take to the felt. After only 117 minutes, Chouity was the only player who had chips in front of him, meaning he had won the $47,334.20 first-place prize.
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A tournament that takes far longer than two hours to complete is the Sunday Million, which this week took 12 hours and one minute to whittle the 6,271 entrants down to the winner. The final four players decided to strike a deal, which locked up at least $90,000 for each of them.
Finishing in fourth place was the United Kingdom’s “HKongBanker” ($90,000) and he were followed to the rail by Brazil’s “neto gol” ($142,082.26), “Lekerov” ($125,000), with Greece’s “AlexanGeo”finishing on top ($144,100.20).
Some of the other big results enjoyed in PokerStars’ Sunday majors this week included:

  • “RocketMaro12”— winner of the $109 Sunday Kickoff for $29,072.65
  • “bjartefau”— winner of the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $77,610
  • Cesar “Ce$ar$pa” Garcia— winner of the $109 Sunday Rebuy for $33,820.86
  • Joao “JP_Braga81” Braga— winner of The Bigger $109 for $26,463.92
  • “prebz”— winner of the $530 Sunday 500 for $50,849.12
  • “MarkusG91”— winner of The Bigger $162 for $29,738.85
  • “cantstopmeAA”— winner of the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance for $40,356
  • “burasss”— winner of the $162 Sunday 6-Max for $22,178.81

Nicolae Brawls Out a Victory On Full Tilt

Over at PokerStars, sister site, Full Tilt, Romania’s Bogdan “phantomQQ” Nicolae claimed 10 bounties of $50 each on his way to winning the Sunday Brawl for a total score of $5,681.87.
Also on Full Tilt, Joao “joaoMATHIAS” Mathias emerged victorious in the $250 Sunday Major for a $10,500 addition to his bankroll.
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