• June 18, 2021

Does Age Matter with Poker Skills

It seems the best young players have a genius for the game and older players have instincts only time can nurture. The ability to read body movements whether from study or experience can be priceless in the game of poker. It would seem most people believe poker is only half skill and more, “the luck of the draw”. Poker may be a little like being born, some get the rich parents others get the average set, but everyone can play and anyone who tries has a chance to win, no matter where they start.
Young players new to the game are in a hurry to get to the top spot. Some feel they are too slow to reach the peak. Older players just beginning are expecting to climb the ladder of poker success in spite of their age. So, does age matter with poker skills? No, if you search through the winning history of poker you will find a diversified age list. The oldest poker player listed of late was Jack Ury 97, playing since he was 10; now, there is passion. The youngest registered players are in their teens, but these listings of people are those you see. These are not the players in the back rooms winning money, and maybe buying video games.
In homes around the world, you can bet there are kids barely in knee pants learning the game of poker. It is most likely that some young poker genius has been playing for years, only the world has just heard of them. Interestingly he or she has no doubt beaten the pants off everyone they know and playing professionally is the only challenge left. This gives the world a chance to watch their developed poker skills.
If you look at a person’s age in years, poker may seem a new game to them but if you ask when they started to play poker the answer might surprise you. Older poker players may have only begun while younger players have been playing of years or vice versa. Does age matter with poker skills? No, but experience is more likely a factor in poker.
It is believed learning is best in the early years but without practice, skills are not perfected. So, as a poker player ages, is it skill or learning he or she is wielding like a finely tuned machine? Professionals of old were avoided, unless a person wanted to test his or her skill. Most poker players recommend a person keep their job. Surely, loss is the flipside of winning. Does age matter with poker skills? No, it is about practice and passion; including the poker face.
The young should not be discouraged and the old should not quit. It is only passion that matters, and passion makes a player memorable. It is not the game of poker viewer’s watch, but the zest for the game. The looks of confidence and suspense, people watch movies for the same reason and love actors because of their ability to portray these emotions or to hide them. Does age matter with poker skills? Not at all, poker is a game that challenges the mind and the will to try to be the best.

Steve Carr

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