• July 31, 2021

Do you Want to Win at Poker?

Do you want to Win at Poker? We bet you do!
Follow these tips and you can’t lose in poker. At least not in the long run.
Look out for added value
At any given point in time, there’s always some poker site or poker room that provides free cash in an attempt to attract players. Don’t be too proud to accept a little bribe.
Watch poker on TV
Like it or not, but those pros in the televised poker shows are brilliant poker players. You don’t even know what you can pick up from them before you picked it up.
Watch poker TV with no sound on
When you filter out the babble, things get clearer. Now you notice their faces, now you can read their body language. Silence frees your brain’s processor power for analysis. Analysis means cash on your account.
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Watch a poker show repeatedly
The second time you watch the same poker show, you’ll pick up new insights. And the third time. And the fourth time. Every time you pick up new insights, you boost your expectation.
Play in many rooms
Each online poker room has its pros and cons. By moving between poker rooms you can suck the best out of each individual poker room.
Play with the right people
One guy drives you crazy just by being himself. Another guy constantly outplays you. Stay away from both, they will destroy your bottom line.
Exploit your table image
If people think you never bluff, bluff a lot. If they think you always bluff, bet only winners. By exploiting your table image you use deception deceptive. By using deception, you increase your winnings.
Study body language
You’ll never know for sure what cards the opponents are holding. But if you can read people like open books, their cards become irrelevant. That’s a very profitable way to play cards.
Train your poker face
Most of the time nothing exciting happens, then all of a sudden you’re in a blazing hot spot with a super hard decision to make. It mustn’t show in your face.
Deep-freeze your betting pattern
Always use the same movements when placing a bet. Be a machine, disconnect any emotions you may have, perform the movement like a dance choreography.
Get a blog
A poker blog is a perfect place to communicate your poker experience with other people. Communication is an interactive way of thinking. Thinking improves your game.
Get the rake back
Every percent of the rake that you can get in return from the poker site is extra stuffing in your bankroll cushion. Browse the web for poker sites that offer rakeback deals.
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