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  • January 22, 2021

Cash in on the Madness

We are at the time of year where all eyes are set on the US NCAA, with just a few days of action March Madness has managed to drive massive betting traffic and at this point one can only expect for the madness to continue and reach out to many more. March Madness is all about moments. The NCAA tournament burns these snippets into the brains of basketball fans every year: game-winning buzzer beaters, Cinderella runs, remarkable comebacks.
Events like the NCAA tournament are perfect for the new hottest thing in sports betting, live betting, especially in the opening rounds. The chaotic mishmash of college basketball’s elite facing off with unknown and upset-driven mid-majors make for some whack results. If you aren’t in love with live betting already, here are some things to look for when wagering so that you too, can cash in on the madness.
Watch closely
Basketball is a game of runs. Knowing when these runs are about to take place comes with hours and hours of watching hoops. Even from your living room, you can feel the air get sucked out of a gymnasium after a crucial and-1 or smell fear on the favorite when the underdog buries a timely 3-ball to cut into their lead.
When looking for a solid line for live betting the key is to know the situation. During the first two rounds of the NCAA, you’ll see the lower seeds come out firing against a name-brand programs and that can slim the in-game spread far beyond what the pre-game line closed at. You may be able to get the better team at a discount spread.
You can also get great value from paying attention to things such as possible injuries. Going against a team whose star player is sitting with three first-half fouls or jump on the Over when teams get into bonus early. An injury to a key contributor can also provide value to the in-game line, be it a standout scorer or defensive stalwart. Recognize how their absence impacts the game and bet accordingly.
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First half anomalies
While halftime odds are nothing new to most sports bettors, it does fall into the in-game category. You can get great value betting second half totals when a good team performed poorly or a slower-paced offense put up big numbers in the first 20 minutes.
You can also find value on the Under in the second half when the opposite happens, and a mediocre offense has a hot start or a methodical-paced team plays at a higher gear in the initial 20 minutes. Knowing what a team is and isn’t capable of and its season-long production is a great first step to capping second half totals.
You should always measure halftime scores against the overall game total. Oddsmakers are usually spot on with their Over/Under numbers and if you see a halftime score on pace to finish well above or below the full-game total, take a deeper look into why the point production is way off the mark and if it can correct itself in the closing 1,200 seconds. These tips should be a good start to help you cash in on the madness, sign up at


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