• August 1, 2021

Blackjack ‘Triple 7s’

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The variant known as “Triple 7s” Blackjack enjoys an enormous amount of popularity due to its ample bonus rewards for hands containing cards with a value of seven. Of course, as the name of the game implies, the greatest rewards go to those who receive triple sevens.
Standard Blackjack is played to a total of twenty-one. The player who wins a hand doesn’t necessarily have to hit twenty-one, but come as close as possible without going over (“bust”) the number. They also have to get closer to it than the dealer.
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Twenty-one is accumulated through the cards the player receives, and they have a standard and universal set of values of the game. These are: cards two through ten hold their face value, the Jacks, Queens and Kings are valued at ten, and the Aces are valued at one or eleven depending upon their effect on the player or dealer’s hand.
In “Triple 7s” a player totaling twenty-one through receiving three sevens wins the “progressive jackpot”. This is a unique feature to a Blackjack game, where the payout is usually delivered through the player’s bet. For example, a standard game of “Blackjack” will award a player with a three to two payout on their bet when they hit a “blackjack” (meaning the player gets two cards that total twenty-one).
A “progressive jackpot” increases for each round or hand that is played without a triple reveal of sevens occurring. When a player decides to enter a game of “Triple 7s” they should look for a busy table that has a long running game, because this means that the table’s jackpot will be larger than any others.
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In “Triple 7s” however players win for an appearance of any sevens in their hand at all. The standard rewards are:

  • A single seven usually wins the player a five to one ratio on their bet
  • Two sevens in a hand, in an unmatched suit pays a whopping twenty-five to one
  • A suited pair wins the player fifty to one on their bet
  • Triple sevens wins the jackpot
  • For this variant of Blackjack, the standard payout for a “blackjack” applies and is a three to two reward.

In addition to following most of the standard rules for Blackjack, a game of “Triple 7s” other rules variations are:

  • Dealer’s cards are dealt face up.
  • A player can only “double down” on a nine, ten or eleven.
  • “Splits” are allowed, but cannot be “doubled”.
  • Sevens can be split, but this eliminates any bonus payments on them.
  • A dealer must stand on a seventeen, whether it is a hard or soft seventeen. They must draw on a sixteen.
  • A “push” or tie between the player and dealer returns the player’s bet.

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