• July 31, 2021

Blackjack Tables

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The old adage in Vegas was that timid people played the machines and bold people played the blackjack tables. Many people get intimidated by the thought of stepping up to and playing at blackjack tables.
Blackjack is one of the easiest games in the casino to learn and it can be quite a friendly game. The blackjack table has chairs that players sit at. There’s room for just a handful of players at each blackjack table.
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The player who sits immediately to the left of the dealer is also first to act—also known as first base. The player who is always last to act is to the immediate right of the dealer—also known as third base. If you are new to the game of blackjack, you want to sit right in the middle. I know what you are thinking—why not sit at third base so I can act last? The last position in blackjack is a critical spot on some hands and if you are not experienced it could lead to disaster for your table.
When you sit in the middle of the blackjack table, you don’t have to act first. This will allow you to see what others are doing and it will give you time to think about your move. Also you are not sitting at third base so you can’t mess up the hand for the rest of the table too much. Finally, you are right in front of the dealer and it will be convenient for both of you to interact should you have questions. If you play online blackjack, this only applies if your online casino has multi-player blackjack.

 Important Odds in Blackjack
Probability to bust Odds to bust Probability to win Odds to win
Dealer (in general) 28% 1 in 3.57 52.95% 1 in 1.88
Player (in general) 28% 1 in 3.57 47.05% 1 in 2.13
Basic strategy player 17% 1 in 5.88 49.5% 1 in 2.02
Dealer’s face card: 5 17% 1 in 2.38 up to 58%
Dealer’s face card: 6 17% 1 in 2.38 up to 58%
Dealer’s face card: 7 26% 1 in 3.85 up to 74%
Dealer’s face card: 10 23% 1 in 4.35 up to 77%
Dealer’s face card: A 17% 1 in 5.88 up to 83%

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