• July 24, 2021

Blackjack Redeal

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Your goal in a game of European Blackjack Redeal Gold  is to get a hand whose total is higher than the dealer’s hand but without going over 21. The game generally follows the rules of European Blackjack, but with the addition of the Redeal options to give you more chances to build a winning hand.
As with all online blackjack games, you start your Blackjack Redeal game by placing a bet and clicking the Deal button. You will receive two cards face-up and the dealer receives one. As you would expect, you have options to Hit or Stand and, in the appropriate circumstances, to Split or Double Down.
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But what you wouldn’t expect is that you also have the options to Redeal Dealer Hand and Redeal My Hand. And if you choose to hit, you will receive an additional card and an additional redeal option: Redeal Last Card.

  • Redeal Dealer Hand means to replace the dealer’s card with a new random card.
  • Redeal My Hand means to replace all of the cards in your hand with new cards, regardless of whether you have two cards or three or four or more.
  • Redeal Last Card means to replace the last card you received, regardless of whether it was your third card or your fourth or fifth or sixth.

You may use up to five redeal options in a game to try to make your hand better or, alternatively, to make the dealer’s hand worse — both good and valid ways to beat the dealer and win at blackjack.
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A redeal option is sometimes offered for free, but in most cases you must pay for a redeal. The price of each redeal option is displayed on the screen so you can make a fully informed decision.
The redeal price tag adds another element to your blackjack strategy calculations. You must try to determine whether any of the three redeal options — Redeal Dealer Hand, Redeal My Hand, or Redeal Last Card — will improve your odds of winning enough to justify the investment in the redeal. Sometimes the answer will be obvious, sometimes it will be difficult, but one thing is for sure: Blackjack Redeal is an online casino game that will always keep you thinking.
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