• August 2, 2021

Blackjack players

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There are various types of players that can be found at the casino blackjack table:
The first type of player bases his game on hunches and instinct. This player never bets his hands consistently. He’s hoping for a visit from Lady Luck, but she rarely appears.
The next type of player refuses to hit any hand that might bust. He figures that certain hands are more likely to bust, so he waits and hopes that the dealer busts. Unfortunately, the dealer busts only about 28 percent of the time. The casino will win $6.50 for every $100 bet by this player.
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Some players mimic the dealer. They hit all hands that are 16 or less and stand on all hands that are 17 or more. Since the casino wins lots of money, the casino’s strategy must be the best, right? Unfortunately, these players don’t take into account that they play their hands before the dealer. If they bust, they lose, regardless of how the dealer fares. The casino will win about $5.50 for every $100 bet.
Other players use basic strategy, with some slight changes. They know some blackjack techniques but refuse to play the correct basic strategy on certain hands, such as hitting when they have a 12 against a dealer’s up card of 2. The casino will win between $2 and $5 for every $100 bet.
Another type of player always employs basic strategy. The casino will win between 0 and 61 cents for every $100 bet. In certain single-deck games, the basic strategy players will even enjoy a small edge over the casino. This is the smartest way to play blackjack.
Expert card counters have invested time and energy into mastering advanced techniques for expert play. They will win 50 cents to $1.50 for every $100 bet against the casino. However, this type of strategy is not recommended for most players.
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Another classification that you can find is the next:
The social player The largest of the groups. They play hunches and have little consistency or logic to their play. Sometimes they will hit a soft 17, while the next time they won’t. They generally draw too little, split a lot, regardless of the dealers up card. In the end they lose almost all the time and call it bad luck.
The mathematical player This type comprises less then ten percent of all players. They have some knowledge of the game. They know when to hit, stand and split, but have trouble doubling soft hands. They will double up their bets when winning and can occasionally end a session as a winner.
The amateur counter This player can count cards and will adjust his betting and play accordingly. Only one or two in 100 players fit into this specific group. Without constant practice they lose the count regularly and will overbet with a limited bankroll. This player will have wins but mostly break even over the long haul.
The professional and semi-professional player This last type of player is only one in a 1000 among those who visit the casino today. This type of blackjack player has the dedication, concentration and self-discipline to be a consistent winner at the table. They know more about the game than 99% of the people in the casino, including the staff and management. They will play for only a short time, usually an hour or so, and then leave the casino entirely. They are hard to spot, but that is the way they plan it.
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