• August 1, 2021

Before you start to play blackjack

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Many players will meticulously plan their Blackjack session and if you want to have both an enjoyable and possibility profitable session then you should do the same, simply sitting down just anywhere to play should not be an option.
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You need to play a good money management system when playing it is no use playing $50 per hand when your bankroll is $100 so set yourself a sensible stake limit per game and stick to it.
Planning a good exit strategy works wonders for companies and financial gurus and this is the same for playing Blackjack. Setting both a stop loss limit and a win limit will get you out of the game at exactly the right time to lock in a profit of ensure your losses are kept to a minimum.
So sit down and work out how much you are prepared to lose in your next session conversely set yourself a win goal, savvy Blackjack players will set this level at 50% of their bankroll, and adjust their stake per hand to suit this bankroll too.
So if you have a $100 bankroll you should be looking at playing $5 hands, get your bankroll upto $150 and leave the table, if Lady Luck isn’t smiling then call it a day once your bankroll gets down to $50.
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Don’t forget to factor into the equation your casino comps, on average playing just $5 per hand will earn you around $6 per hour in comps, it may not sound a lot but when all things are considered it is free casino cash after all so it shouldn’t be overlooked.
You are now good to go, just remember that to come away with a profit you have to know when to stop, if the game isn’t going your way then never be afraid to stop playing there is always another day. A professional player knows this to be true and chasing losses or hoping your luck will suddenly change shouldn’t be relied on!
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