• July 30, 2021

Basic Texas Holdem Strategy: Basics for all Betting Rounds

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Continuing with our Basic Texas Holdem Strategy: Basic Strategy Article, we bring you the Basic for all Betting Rounds
Texas Holdem Strategy Basics are to

  • Put in as much money as possible when your ahead.
  • Put in as little as possible when you are behind.
  • Balance risk vs. reward.
  • Know your opponents.

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Pre Flop
Five key factors will decide how to play here. This is the most important of the four betting rounds.
*What is my starting hand?
*What position am I in (early, middle or late)?
*How many players are in the hand?
*Are they loose or tight players?
*How have they entered (raising or just calling)?
Post Flop
This is a major turning point in the game where you will also need to decide how or if to continue with a hand using this information.
*Has my hand improved?
*Do I likely have the best hand?
*Does my hand now have strong drawing potential to a flush or straight?
*How many players are still in the hand?
*Who are they?
*Who if anyone raised preflop?
*How big is the pot?
The Turn and River
Usually once you have decided proceed after the flop you will continue to the turn, river, and possibly to the showdown where the winner will be decided. Same major considerations apply as post flop.
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