• August 1, 2021

Badugi Strategy High Risk High Reward

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Once you have the basics Badugi strategy is quite simple to handle but Badugi is still a relatively new poker game, Winning Badugi strategy involves an aggressive, high risk approach to the game
I f you want to become a good player at Badugi you need to snowing (standing pat without a Badugi), bluffing and playing a calculated high risk, high reward style.
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The very first advine and probably one of the best ones is :
taking a seat scout your table in advance. Scouting the table allows us to both find desirable seat position and to get to know our opponents. A good seat is generally one where you’ll have position on the most active player on the table. The active players are the ones that are snowing more often, and they will give our Badugi strategy the most trouble. Let’s make sure we have position on them.” – playlowballpoker.com/
Stay tuned because there is way more to learn about this game!
Sources: playlowballpoker.com/
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