• August 3, 2021

Badugi Basic Strategy

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Once you have the basics Badugi strategy is quite simple to handle.
Just in a resume lest remind that This game has four rounds of betting for different draws of the cards after the initial flop.
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Draw Rounds Strategy
At the first round is really common to have a good hand that can be used in play, if you are following and strategy you should have off-suited cards and 3 of them, you should have a different suit for each card, if one of your competitors is not drawing any cards, you should make sure all three cards in your hand are 7 or less. If they are not, then the best strategy is to fold.
Now at the second phsea of the draw,  should begin with you having a 3 card hand with cards less than seven and all the cards should be off-suited. This is lining up to be a powerful winning badugi hand.
This is the time t oread your opponents,  If they are not drawing card in any round, then you should be cautious and try determining if they are bluffing or not.
When you have an off-suited four card hand with no card higher than a jack, then there is no need to draw. If you stand pat and don’t draw, other players may fold by the assumption that you may have a winning hand. A jack high badugi is still a decent hand and will beat every 3 card hand possible. – lolpoker.com
Now the third and Final draw is on, take in mind that:

  • off-suited 4 card hand is pretty good, especially if all cards are lower than 8
  • off-suited 4 card hand is pretty good, especially if all cards are lower than 8
  • watch to see if another player has been betting and raising while drawing cards at the same time.

Most important at all remember that the core of real poker strategy is to determine the right move depending on what the other players are doing
Sources: lolpoker.com
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