• June 18, 2021

Advantages To Playing No Download Blackjack

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One of the primary benefits to not having to download a hefty software program onto your computer to play blackjack has already been mentioned above, and that’s the fact that you don’t lose any storage space on your hard drive. My computer, smartphone and tablet real estate is valuable to me, and I admit, I’m stingy with it. Another benefit is the fact that playing blackjack at flash casinos allows you to log into your account from any device that is connected to the Internet, allowing you to enjoy your games from anywhere, anytime.
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This includes access via mobile blackjack apps that don’t require a download. You are not tied to playing from just one computer that has the software present. Because I access my casino accounts from at least three devices, this is a must have feature for me. Lastly, it is simply nice to have instant access to your gambling opportunities without having to wait for a download or wait for continuous updates to the software before you can start playing. Granted, most of the high quality blackjack casino software providers deliver rather fast download speeds, but no waiting at all is still optimal. Instant access and a little bit of solid blackjack strategy could deliver a really phenomenal experience.
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Are Flash Blackjack Games Watered Down Versions?
Absolutely not. There are a few casinos which do offer additional optional features through a download, but the overall performance of the game is not inferior with the flash blackjack variations, and in most cases the game interface is just as feature rich and fast as the downloadable bj games. At most of the casinos I have played at, there was virtually no difference between the flash version of the game and the downloaded version as far as features, game play and performance.
The main difference between the flash games and the downloaded games is quantity. Typically there are more variations of the game of 21 in the downloadable game suite. However, since flash technology has evolved so much and is more prevalent in the online gambling industry, the difference in the number of games per platform is becoming less and less. The blackjack rules and the blackjack odds are pretty uniform with industry standards among the top brands whether you are playing instant play blackjack or downloaded bj games.
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