• July 24, 2021

Advanced Poker Mistakes

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Indeed you are a good player now, you know all about it, but still there are some mistake that you could made. Avoid this mistakes an improve your game even more!
Stat Tracking: a player’s stats can tell them a lot about their game. How often they raise or limp pre-flop, keep track of how often they 3+ bet and with what cards, and most importantly a player can keep track of their wins/losses
Game Selection: The mistake that happens here is a player moving from $1/$2 Hold’em to $1/$2 Stud and expect to do just as well. A player who switches games but stays at the same stakes will fail .
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Moving Up in Stakes Before Your Ready: many experienced players or even pros make the mistake of playing at stakes way above their heads.
Tilting: Many times when a player is on Tilt, they will not play the same way or play to avenge their lost chips. And the results of doing this can be minor or they can be catastrophic and often can lead to a depleted bankroll.
Missing Opportunities: One of the biggest opportunities that many players seem to miss is value bets; especially on the river. Making a solid river value bet allows players to try and extract the most value out of their hand as possible.
Source: onlinepoker.net
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