• August 3, 2021

A Proper PC Setup for Online Poker

In some ways, playing online poker is a bit like playing a video game. There is a strategy and rules of play, but there is also a visual element that is best experience when a person is using a good computer and video card with a good monitor to match the set up. Failing to work with a proper PC configuration as well as a good Internet connection is a fast way to get frustrated with an online poker game very quickly. So here’s how to avoid that headache.
A Quality PC Setup For Online Poker
Starting with the main processing unit, ASUS and MSI stand out as better choices overall. They tend to come with the critical components built in already which include a fast processor, a sound card, a quality video card and a good network card for Ethernet connections. Make sure the core processor is an Intel chipset, and the RAM is 4 gigabytes in size. This will ensure fast gameplay and steady response.
A dual screen monitor setup is a nice touch. This allows you play a poker game and keep an eye on email or other software in the meantime. Flipping back and forth with the alt-tab buttons is just annoying and you can miss a quick move in the process. Instead, keeping one eye on the game play at all times is a smart move. To have dual monitors you will need to swap out the video card with dual DVI video outputs. ATI or NVIDIA make good ones, and at a minimum, it should have 512 megabytes of DDR3 RAM chips on board.
Finally, the best computer can be hobbled by a bad Internet connection. If personal and at a home, most people can choose cable. This is better than DSL because it runs on a dedicated cable signal line instead of a congested phone line. Just don’t go with the cheapest Internet data account; cable companies are notorious for limiting traffic on heavy users with bargain accounts. Ideally, a network T1 line is going to Shangri-La.
Going Mobile With a Laptop
If gaming needs to occur on a laptop, then chose a computer that is designed for online, multi-player video games. These laptops are configured with amped up video cards and fast speed connections within the computer’s hardware. You will still need a good Internet connection, and the best type is to have an Ethernet hookup to a T1 network connection. If that’s not possible, at least obtaining a cable Internet connection is the next best thing. It is possible to use a wi-fi connection or, at worst, a high bandwidth mobile card, but you can very much expect to see some delay in play and stuttering of the screen, depending how much visual data needs to upload and download each second of play.

Steve Carr

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