• August 1, 2021

2014 WSOP APAC Day 7

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One week down at the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific (WSOP APAC) but the action is just heating up with three more events spread around the Crown Melbourne complex .
The feature event of the day was the final table of the $1,650 No Limit Holdem Terminator Event where the fourth WSOP APAC gold bracelet would be awarded.
Aussie Millions champion Joe Cabret would be first to go on Hand #12 of the final table. Tony Hachem was soon to follow just two hands later when he three-bet jammed pocket tens straight into Henry Tran’s pocket aces. Nelson Maccini continued to lead after taking a big pot from Andrew Dales, before Henry Tran became the next casualty.
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There was a lot of attention on the progress of Brandon Shack-Harris on this final table as a victory would all but assure him of the WSOP Player of the Year title.
Shack-Harris earned some valuable points to extend his lead but he might’ve been hoping for a little better than sixth place. The end came when Shack-Harris three-bet all in with pocket nines but lost the coin flip against Scott Calcagno.
Day 1 chip leader Nick Piskopos was out in fifth place. There was nothing that Piskopos could do as he picked up $15,075 for his efforts.
Duncan McKinnon had managed to navigate his way to the final four players without collecting a single $500 terminator button. McKinnon was short stacked for the entire tournament but when he ran his straight draw and overcards into Scot Calcagno’s pocket kings, McKinnon’s run ended in fourth place.
It would be Andrew Dales next to go. It would be Scott Calcagno to take on Nelson Maccini for the gold with both players pretty even in chips, however it appeared neither wanted to push the action. Most pots were small, and there were an abnormally large number of walks for a heads-up contest.
After nearly 80 hands of heads-up play there was a chance for Calcagno to go for the jugular with a turned flush against two pair, but Calcagno kept the pot small and then a fourth diamond hit the river to kill the action.
Calcagno found another good spot with a flopped set of fives. Calcagno again played it slow, calling bets on the flop and turn before moving all in on the river. Maccini paid it off and mucked to jump Calcagno into the chip lead.
After another level of mostly walks, the 175th hand of heads-up play would finally break the deadlock.
He won $61,245 and 12 terminator buttons worth another $6,000, plus the shiny new WSOP gold bracelet.
$1,650 No Limit Holdem Terminator Event
1st Scott Calcagno – $61,245
2nd Nelson Maccini – $37,845
3rd Andrew Dales – $27,343
4th Duncan McKinnon – $20,123
5th Nick Piskopos – $15,075
6th Brandon Shack-Harris – $11,488
7th Henry Tran – $8,900
8th Tony Hachem – $7,008
9th Joe Cabret – $5,605
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